Uses Of Computer Networks In Education Sector

Since the rapid growth of computer networks, computer networks are using in different sectors like the public, government, and private. Airlines, military, government services, banks, educational companies are some sectors that use computer networks. Here are some uses of networks in education

01.Online Learning.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the education centers like universities, schools, tuition classes cannot do their lectures, lessons, assignments in their classrooms or lecture halls. So they use online platforms like Zoom, MS teams to deliver their lectures, lessons online. So students can join the online sessions and do their learnings while they are staying at home. All universities and government education centers in Sri Lanka use LEARN Zoom platforms to do their sessions. LEARN Zoom is a locally hosted network in Sri Lanka. So lecturers and teachers can easily access freely to these networks and do their lessons, and save their recordings in cloud services. Although LEARN Zoom platform is free for the participating students. LEARN Zoom network owns to the Lanka Education And Research Network.

Uses of computer networks

02.Examination Results.

Many countries release their examination results via online networks. After the examination result is obtained, they update their servers with the results. So after that, they release the marks to students via their websites. As an example Examination Department of Sri Lanka releases the exam results from www. website. Not only examination results, but they also offer many services like exam certificates providing, past papers providing, exam admissions and etc., from their website.

03.Online registration of students.

Nowadays, many educational centers enroll their students via online networks. As an example, University Grants Commission calls applications from the students via an online platform. Students have to fill the necessary documents and submit their applications. Universities, Schools, Higher Educational sectors are also calling and enrolling their students through their websites and emails.

04.Educational Websites.

Nowadays, many organizations and educational companies provide websites to students and provide their services to students as a paid service or free of charge. They have included educational videos, games, notes and activities in their websites. Students can log in to the websites and find information, learn what they need. All students around the world can log these to websites.

Uses of computer networks

05.Virtual Learning Environment.

Nowadays, the education sector uses Virtual Learning Systems (V.L.E.)  to enhance educational events. Most universities and higher education centers use these systems to give assignments, share lecture materials, share course details, hold quizzes, etc. Authorized people such as lecturers, students, staff can log on to the V.L.E. and access their information quickly.

06.E-books, Online library services.

Many higher education centers are providing online library facilities to their students. Some private organizations are also providing online library facilities. Registered students can log in to these online libraries and find the books they need. Some universities provide the online library facility to the students for free. For some online libraries, you need to get a subscription to the relevant library, and after that, users can have access to their network and read books, lend books, find books, and details. Also, students can find many e-books through the Internet for their academic studies.

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